Preparation Tips For Your First Tandem Skydive Jump

Tandem skydiving is a lot of fun, and is something you really can't compare to anything else. Attached via a harness to your skilled instructor, you get to dive out of a plane at a very high altitude (heights vary depending on the company you are diving with), where you freefall for several seconds before opening your parachute and gliding to your landing spot. If you are up for the adrenaline challenge and really want to try something new, tandem skydiving is a great experience that is both relatively safe and exciting compared to other extreme sports. You still want to make sure you are ready for your very first jump, so follow a few preparation tips so you can have the best experience.

Arrive early

Prior to your jump, you will likely need to watch a safety video with your instructor as well as fill out a lot of liability waivers. You want to have time to explore the facilities, see the plane you will be jumping out of, and ask questions about your jump prior to getting on the plane, so expect to arrive several minutes early so you don't feel rushed through your experience.

Bring simple essentials

You don't think a glasses case, hair tie, piece of gum, or headache/anti-nausea medicine are a big deal until you need them, which you just might on a tandem jump. You want to have your hair pulled back so it doesn't blow in your face (or your instructor's), headache or anti-nausea medicine in case you get vertigo from your jump, gum to help reduce the air pressure from reaching certain heights, and a glasses case to store your spectacles in so you don't have to wear them under goggles. If you don't do well on amusement park rides, you may also want to bring along a friend who can help drive you home just in case you experience adrenaline jitters after your skydiving experience is over.

Check the weather

Most tandem skydiving companies will still follow through with your scheduled appointment if there is mild to moderate weather as long as there are not high winds or ample rainfall that includes lightning. If you are worried about foul weather the day of your jump, check weather reports online and call the facility you will be jumping with to make sure everything is still a go hours before your scheduled activity.

Tandem skydiving is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Before you attempt to scratch this sport off your bucket list, make sure you are fully prepared for your experience. 

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