Make Your Mountain Bike Tour A Lasting Memory With An Action Camera

Taking a mountain bike tour provides you with countless thrills and beautiful scenery, as well as a physical challenge that you can feel proud of accomplishing. While you should be able to remember some of the key details of your excursion in the weeks, months, and years ahead, other details might slowly fade – unless you're careful about documenting them. One of the best ways to do so on a mountain bike excursion is through the use of an action camera. Whether you buy one, borrow one, or rent one, an action camera and a selection of mounts can capture all the key moments of the day. Here are some different locations to mount your camera throughout the excursion.

On Your Handlebars Facing Forward

An action camera mounted to the handlebars of your mountain bike and facing in the direction that you're traveling can provide you with impressive footage at the end of your outing. In this position, the camera will capture the path you're taking and clearly demonstrate your skill in navigating the course. You'll also get a chance to enjoy the view of the scenery after the fact – which is ideal if you were too focused on the course to enjoy the view.

On Your Handlebars Facing Backward

Once you've shot the view ahead of you for a bit, take advantage of a break in the action by turning the action camera 180 degrees. It's fun to see not only the scene behind you, but also watch your facial expressions and overall reactions to the course that you're riding. If you plan to edit some of your video clips together to make a movie that tells the story of your mountain bike tour, you'll definitely want to include some footage of your face.

On Your Seat Post Facing Backyard

It's fun to capture some footage of the scene behind you, and you can do so by mounting your action camera on your seat post and turning the lens to face backward. From this angle, you'll get some perfect shots of any mountain bikers behind you, as well as capture some action-filled footage of your back tire skidding around corners and accelerating down hills.

On Your Chest

It's ideal to invest in a chest mount harness for your action camera as a way to shoot some memorable video. While the handlebar mount will allow you to essentially shoot what you're seeing as you pedal, the chest mount provides a slightly different vantage point. The added bonus to a camera in this position is that it will also capture your arms and handlebars, which adds visual appeal to your video montage.

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