The Digital World Aids In Extreme Fan Experience

It is no surprise that the digital world is invading all facets of our lives. Sports is just another avenue for technology to weave its way into fan's lives. People can watch games in so many formats now, so now the fan experience is being upped at sporting events to get fans to attend. Here are some of the top ways the digital world has maximized the fan experience.

Hitting the App Store

There is no better way to make a fan experience more personal than to have mobile apps that allow engagement with the fans in present time. There are apps that are designed to purchase tickets, as well as VIP upgrades, or even get the ability to purchase early-bird seats just for having the app. The race is on to create applications that meet fans' needs, such as parking spots, food lines, bathroom locations, discounts, or even replays during the event.

Available Wi-Fi

If there is one thing that people do not like to do, it is use their data when they are at an event. Offering a solid Wi-Fi connection at an event is paramount, especially if you offer an app that has constant interaction throughout the game. The last thing you want is to attempt to engage your fans, only to enrage them because they cannot connect.

Social Media Stops

Fans go to events to be with friends and family, mainly to walk away with long lasting memories. Memories are now shared across social media. To offer a great fan experience, many gaming events are offering social media stages where people can create fun selfies or they will create a hashtag so conversations can be tracked. This is also a great way to come up with contests where people are entered simply for posting a memory with the designated hashtag.

Embracing GoPro

You can either fight the personal recording and photographing of events or you can let it work for you. GoPro is a company that produces one of the top action cameras that are extremely versatile. More sporting arenas are learning how to use them to their advantage by having fans send unique angles. In addition, GoPro cameras can be placed on players so fans can log into a stream and see a more in-depth view of the action.

The digital world is not going away anytime soon, and learning how to let it market to people will increase the experience fans have when attending various sporting events. The best fan experience is one that leaves them wanting to return, which is where the technology can make life easier.

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It is no surprise that the digital world is invading all facets of our lives. Sports is just another avenue for technology to weave its way into fan's