3 Things You Need To Know About Your First Skydiving Experience

If you are searching for a new, exhilarating activity, consider learning how to skydive. Skydiving advocates rave about the rush of adrenaline that they experience once they begin their dives. Here are a few details that you need to know about your first skydive.

1. Your First Jump Will Be With an Instructor

You may want to experience skydiving on your own, but for your first jump, skydiving rules require that an experienced instructor accompany you on your dive. For this first jump, you are considered a student. Your instructor will be attached to you and will ensure that everything goes smoothly. The instructor can also make adjustments to the jump if wind or weather conditions abruptly change.

In order to jump completely on your own, you'll need to do a certain number of jumps with a partner and complete a specific amount of education regarding skydiving. The exact requirements vary based on your individual skydiving skills and which kind of skydiving you prefer.

2. You Need to Decide Ahead of Time If You Want a Video of the Experience

Many skydivers like to have mementos of their jumps. Before your first sky dive, you should decide if you want a video or pictures of the experience. This a decision that you must make ahead of time; if you decide that you do want photographic evidence of your experience, a trained videographer will have to be scheduled to complete the jump with you.

You may wonder if you can take your smart phone or other video-capable device and take your own videos during your dive. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to operate video equipment during a dive until you have completed a certain number of jumps. However, you can ask the videographer to take a video or pictures using your device. 

3. There's No Fudging on the Weight Limit 

There are strict weight limits for skydiving, and there is no fudging these numbers. You will be weighed before your jump. Exact weight limits will depend on the type of jump you are doing and the equipment, but most companies require you to weigh 220 pounds or less for tandem dives and 240 or less for solo jumps.

If you are a few pounds over the weight limit, you cannot complete the jump. This is for a couple reasons. Skydiving equipment is only rated up to a certain weight. If your weight exceeds the studied range, there is no guarantee that the equipment will function as intended.

Your weight will also affect the jump itself. The more you weigh, the faster your accelerated free fall and the harder your landing. Once you exceed the weight limit, skydiving becomes less safe.

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