The Royal Gorge Train: A Scenic Adventure

The Royal Gorge train in Colorado takes visitors on a tour of one of the most naturally blessed locals in the country through a uniquely human lens. The short excursion is a must-see while in the area. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in this exploration of the Royal Gorge and the Royal George train.  

What is the Royal Gorge?

The Royal Gorge is a giant 6-mile canyon in Colorado with 1,000 high cliffs (the deepest valley in the state) that travels northwest along the Arizona River from the mouth of Grape Creek until it reaches U.S. Route 50. The nearest city to Royal Gorge is Cañon City, Colorado, roughly 2 miles away. Established in 1879, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad zigs and zags through the canyon below the giant cliffs on either side. 

Teddy Roosevelt once said that The Gorge Valley was so beautiful that the English language couldn't describe it. He declared it a National Park in 1906. 

What can I expect on my Royal Gorge train ride?

The Royal Gorge Train runs multiple times a day out of the Santa Fe Depot in Cañon City, Colorado, with different ticket options available. Coach seats provide the basic amenities, while first-class tickets add a little more luxury to the experience. You can even book murder mystery train rides on Saturdays. Food and beverage cars are available for guests at their discretion. Rides last roughly two hours and return guests to the Santa Fe Depot. 

While the train amenities are lovely, the true beauty lies outside of the windows. Guests can stare in awe at the scenic views of the blue river water combined with the cliffs and clear skies in the background.  One of the highlights of the excursion is when the train travels under the Royal Gorge Bridge, one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. 

How much are tickets to the Royal Gorge train?

Ready to buy tickets? See the following pricing for Royal Gorge train tickets:

  • Coach - $49/adult ($44/child)
  • Club (private table and access to the bar) - $59/adult ($54/child)
  • Vista Domes (box with a great view) - $79/adult ($69/child)
  • First Class Lunch Train - $114/person
  • First Class Dinner Train - $124/person
  • Locomotive Seat - $150/person

This is a trip that people of all ages and interests can appreciate. With the various different price points, people from all different social circles can enjoy.   

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